National Enterprise - Calls all hours of the day and night

Crawfordsville, Indiana 1 comment

National Enterprise calls and calls and I have no outstanding debts.I ignored it for a while.

Then I called back and asked what they wanted and they wanted to confirm my SS#, I asked them again what their buisness was and again she asked my SS#. It ended with me telling her in several words that I normally don't use to never call my number again. They even called my wifes cell phone.

When I am done here I am contacting the better buisness bureau.To cal and call and then not want to tell me what their buisness is just shows they are crooked SOBs.

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Why don't you just contact them and see what's going on????And they only ask you to to confirm THE LAST 4 of your SSI to confirm that you are the right wouldn't want someone discussing your account info with your kid or brother or boss would you?

You can't even do anything with the last 4 of someone ssn anyway. Get over it. And you called THEM on top of that...of COURSE they are going to ask you to verify...actually if you called in and they asked for the WHOLE ssn it is only to pull up your frickin acct so they can look and see it. And cursing and acting like an *** is not professional either.

Stop being all high and mighty and take responsibilty and contact them or answer the phone.

If you truly have no outstanding debts why would you not correct the mistake????I don't understand that.

National Enterprise is terrible

Louisburg, Kansas 0 comments

National Enterprise has called at least four times a day.One day my wife answered phone, the represenitive asked for me and when she said I wasn't at home, she became rude saying a case was being filed against me, and became very loud with my wife, she asked for her name and she told her, her name was none of her business so she asked for her supervisor, and her comment was 'That wasn't going to happen' and hung up the phone.

Fifteen minutes later a gentleman called and told my wife for me to contact the ASAP so a hearing could be set up.

My wife proceeded to tell him about the previous call and he said there was no record of a previous call that day and hung up on her before she could say anything else.

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